Wednesday, March 30, 2016

School Assembly Shows
Specializing in educational and entertaining
school assemblies for Southern California
including Ventura County, Los Angeles County,
Orange County, San Bernardino County & Riverside County

Our company brings to your students over 35 years experience
in educational programs;
utilizing science, theatre arts & puppetry to your school.

Our programs are designed to support California Education Standards.
Silly Science Show
A fun and educational science standards based program
that has been generating rave reviews from schools
throughout Southern California.

Standards Connection: Science

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Wonderworld Puppets
 featuring the story
"The Race of the Tortoise and the Hare"
This Aesop's fable comes to life in our hand and rod
puppet version. Incorporating live character voices,
audience participation, and humor, the excitement builds to the
"you had a goal and stuck to it" ending.

Demonstration on puppetry
The puppet show is followed by an in depth
demonstration of puppet styles, performance technique,
and ideas on how to make puppets, & puppet stages,
at home or school, using recycled materials.

Self-expression through an art form!
Standards Connection: Language arts, Performing arts (theatre)
For more information on the wonderworld Puppets Click HERE.

"Thank you so much for the wonderful Wonderworld Puppet Show.
The students and staff have been buzzing with excitement
about puppets ever since.
Many students have been making puppets at home and at school.
We have many recess time puppet shows these days.
Teachers have made countless comments about your show and
have incorporated puppet making into daily routines.
They particularly appreciated the fact that you showed the students
what was involved in putting on a puppet show."

Mary Beth Morris, Assistant Principal,
Antelope Meadows Elementary School, Sacramento

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